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 A Guide To Panama Vacations and Panama Tours

Panama, known as ‘the Bridge of the World’, is a country where man-made wonders perfectly compliment natural wonders. With its biodiversity and its captivating natural beauty, rich culture, ample recreational facilities, well-organized infrastructure and modern amenities, Panama tours promise you a complete luxury leisure package. more ...

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Travel in Panama – Central America

Panama offers some of the best traveling in Central America. Whether your ideal holiday involves: learning about fascinating and varied cultures; adventures in wild places; watching exotic wildlife; relaxing on idyllic beaches; taking in mountain breezes; pampering yourself with luxury; dancing salsa to local beats; or enjoying delicious fresh seafood - you will be sure to find it and more in Panama!

Whether you are traveling to Panama for vacation, or exploring it to live, do business or retire ToursPanama provides you with a wealth of information about what Panama has to offer. Amongst other information on our site, learn about the history of Panama, things to do and see, favorite destinations and view maps to prepare yourself for travel around this beautiful Central American country. We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and find it helpful for your traveling needs.

Panama lies in lower central America on the Isthmus of Panama which connects North and South America. Next door is Columbia in South America, and Costa Rica in Central America. Panama is divided by the Panama Canal which provides an important shipping route between the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans.

Panama may be most famous for its Canal which has had a strong influence on trade patterns and economic growth around the world. The Panama Canal has provided service to over three quarters of a million sea vessels since the year 1914. Therefore the construction and use of the Canal has an important place in Panama’s history.

Panama is also well known for its array of breathtaking and unique natural attractions. Spectacular wildlife, scenic cloud forests and beautiful beaches provide a wealth of options for travelers interested in bird watching, hiking, snorkeling, diving, swimming, surfing, rafting, fishing, other sports and leisure or just relaxing. Many travelers also enjoy learning about the fascinating cultures of local and indigenous people of Panama. There are about seven distinct indigenous groups in Panama and they are very unique and varied from each other. Many destinations around the country of Panama can provide travelers with enjoyment from both natural and cultural attractions. During your travels try and visit one of the many festivals that are held around Panama. These festivals can be a colorful and fascinating cultural experience that will delight your senses. In particular, be blown away by the exciting stimulus of Carnaval which is held every year at the end of February.

Panama city is a lively, cosmopolitan city that holds many events such as music shows, film festivals and art exhibitions. Panama city is well known for its wide range of high quality restaurants with international and local cuisines. Panama city also offers a fun and bustling nightlife / entertainment scene; Panamanians love to party! Spending time in Panama city will definitely help you improve those salsa steps.

There are many tour options available to travelers to experience the many wonders that Panama has to offer. These are different to suit every traveler. Some of these travel tours can also be combined to include other Central American countries. However, if you would prefer to travel on your own or with friends/ family there are also many options available for car rental. Many of the car rental companies are the same as in the US and other parts of Central America. Car rental agencies have offices at most airports, and locations in main cities.

There are a range of hotels around Panama that cater to a range of different peoples needs. Whether you stay in a B&B in the Chiriqui mountains or a luxury hotel in the city, many of these hotels offer very comfortable stays, pleasant service at reasonable prices. There are also a number of very popular resorts and spas that are appearing around Panama that can provide you with the pampering and luxury you deserve on your Central American vacation. Many of these provide high quality service at competitive prices.

Being a tropical country, Panama does not exhibit the conventional seasons that many of us are familiar with – it has only a wet and a dry season. The dry season is generally from January to April with average temperatures of 80-85 degree fahrenheit. In the dry season it very rarely rains all day. Although it obviously rains a lot more in the wet season, many of the downpours do not last for long periods of time. It is possible to travel comfortably in both seasons.

Traveling to Panama is very simple. There are many flights from most US airports and also many European and Central and South American airports. Because there are many flights to the Panama Tocumen airport the airfares are very reasonable, especially from the US and Europe. In some cases, flights can only take a matter of a few hours of flying, such as from Miami. If you hope to also travel around other Central American countries on the same vacation, you can easily take flights to the major Central American airports from Panama city. There are also many internal flights within Panama which can provide very comfortable, safe and affordable means to travel around the country.

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