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 Panama Tourism: Destinations around Panama

Panama is a much sought after destination because of it natural identity. This country with ample islands, rainforest, mesmerizing hill tops, seducing mountain views, historical locations and with various tourism options for any kind of travelers. Adventure tourism, medical tourism, beach tourism and much more is available in Panama, which makes Panama the top class tourist destination in the World. Panama tourism facilities have great entertainment in store for each and every traveler who chooses Panama as their tourist destination.

The most common and unique facilities which make Panama tourism a special impact to all travelers are the fifteen islands on both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the Worlds most naturally rich rainforest, the placid mountains and highlands, historical and cultural destinations and so on. Panama tourism has a fully developed and professional on adventure tourist like, sportfishing, rafting, kayaking, scuba diving, trekking etc. Above all these specialties the mega attraction for the tourist who arrives on Panama would be the journey through Panama Canal. The capital city has a non-stop night life with wide variety of choices in accommodation and dining environment.

Panama Tourism has ten major classifications to entertain tourist of all kinds. The top ten specialties of Panama Tourism are the city tours which cover three major cities of the Panama. This city tour takes to Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal, where you can watch the mind boggling scenery of ships passing through the locks of the world famous Panama Canal. Various tour operators are available who specializes in inbound tourism and well educated tourist guides are also available to assist you. Any tourist who opts for a city dwelling will be enchanted with the beauty of the Panama city and the sight of the Panama Canal.

In Panama Tourism map, Panama Canal retains its position at the top for its natural blended beauty and enthralling location. Panama Canal captures the major attraction among the travelers. The Miraflores Vistor Centre and the state – of – art museum have many valid in formations about the Panama Canal history, tradition, culture and life of Panama. The country Panama is enriched with Latin America’s richest cultural and traditional history. The great historical locations of the Panama makes Panama tourism a elated destination to the travelers world wide. The major historical sites of the Panama are Panama Vieja ( Known as the original Panama City), The Casco Viejo ( known to be the colonial city or the old city). Both these historical locations depicts the splendid bygone days of the modern Panama. Those travelers who are in search of history of nations these two locations of Panama has volume of memories etched to it. Panama Vieja was the gate way for the Spanish invaders to step into this country which led it conquest of Latin America. Many moments of this historian conquest are still alive in this city as the living icons of the golden days of Panama. Caso Viejo has also the same historical importance, which a known Spanish colonial city that time. These two locations depicts the immense cultural and traditional belongings of that country.

Adding more spice to the Panama Tourism exceptional qualities the Amador Causeway, the mesmerizing night life, the ecotourism destinations, the great ocean to ocean train drive are a few among the must see destinations in Panama. Shopping of native handicrafts, elegant dining facilities and adventure packed locations and options make Panama an exhilarating tourist destination of the world.

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