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Travel to Panama and Witness the Wonderful Panama Tourism

Panama, the course home of the famous The Panama Canal is a unique travel destination; located in Central America. The Panama Canal is one of the popular tourist attractions in Panama. Travel to Panama is incomplete without personally seeing the well-known The Panama Canal. There is a viewing platform at the Miraflores Locks; wherein traveling visitors and locals can take a good view of the ships passing through the Panama Canal.

Panama City, the capital of Panama has many attractions that promote Panama tourism; Casco Vieja and Panama Vieja is the cradle of the reminiscent of the ancient Indian and Spanish colonial cities.

The official language in Panama is Spanish, however this would never be a burden for English speaking travelers; locals can speak fluent and basic English.

You need to obtain a visa to travel to Panama. You may check with the visa requirements here to apply for a visa to travel in Panama. There are two types of visa to allow travel to Panama:

1. Panama Tourist Visa
2. Panama Business Visa

For more information about Panama visas and visa services, please contact us.

It is part of the Panama Law to require visitors as well as locals of Panama to always carry with them their official evidence of identification. This is in accordance with the law that aims to identify illegal aliens in Panama. You will be subject to detention if you are caught not carrying any official identification document.

Travelers and holiday makers can take pleasure in water-related activities, from fishing, diving or just plain swimming or sun bathing. With over 1000 miles of coastline and more than 1500 islands; there are enough places to accommodate the travelers’ choice of activity. However, tourists to Panama should be wary when swimming in a beach. Some beaches in Panama have currents that are able to inflict injuries or fatality; these beaches sometimes have no visible warning post; swimmers should always be cautious. If you are a nature lover, your Panama travel will be truly enjoyable because of the numerous tropical and highland rainforests. These rainforests are the home of many unusual species of plants and animals; making them one of Panama’s tourism highlights. It is also possible to perform your planned trekking and hiking activities in the rainforests of Panama.

Panama City has many discos, casinos, and nightclubs that will excite those who love the night life. These establishments are located in the business districts and Amador Causeway area of Panama City.

These are 2 places that are significant highlights of a Panama tour, meaning a Panama travel is never complete without visiting them:

1. Panama City
2. The Panama Canal

There are a lot more things that enhance Panama tourism. In addition to all these, the hospitality of the locals of Panama is one of the reasons that make Panama one of the best travel secrets of Central America.

People planning to travel and experience a vacation in Panama should contact a travel specialist. You can choose what particular Panama tour you want to experience and enjoy; as well as the rate and itinerary of your travel to Panama. You can contact us for more information.

For travel and tour packages, as well as legal services such as Panama retirement visas, please contact us for more information.