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  Panama is a country that currently thrives in many industries. A few of these industries are able to do so as a result of outside investment from foreigners and corporations alike. The real estate industry in Panama is just one example. Another example, that some would say is linked to the real estate industry, is the tourism industry. more ...

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Things You Can Do And See In Panama

Panama has hit big on the travel destination scene. Some of the other loved traveling destinations worldwide are feeling the pinch already. The most amazing thing about Panama is that there is a host of things you can do and see. So it’s time that you make up your mind as to what are the things you can do and see before you actually land up in Panama.

What can you see in Panama?

Panama has more or less become tantamount with the Panama Canal, no wonder it is termed as the “Eighth Wonder of The World”. And while you are in Panama and unsure as to what are the things you can do and see, make sure that you visit the Miraflores Locks for a stunning view of the canal. The Miraflores Visitor Centre houses snippets from the canal’s past and the events associated with the canal, helping you appreciate all the more the engineering marvel that Panama Canal is.

You should not miss out on a trip to the Casco Viejo (Old City) and Panama Vieja (the original Panama City) whilst you are in Panama. Panama is a country rich in history and a visit to these historical quarters of the city will help you get a taste of this aspect of Panama’s life. There is no lack of things to do and see in Panama and for a more comprehensive trip down Panama’s historical lanes, take the historical tours. You will be able to relate to the influences that fashioned Panama’s life.

A Nature Lover’s paradise

The nature lover would feel quite at home whilst in Panama and the Metropolitan Park Ecological Tours and the Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo should definitely feature in their itinerary. At the Zoo, take the tour of the Happy Eagle Compound wherein you can catch a glimpse of the Happy Eagle, which is the largest predator bird in the world and is found only in Panama.

This country is well known for its forest resources and in fact, its rainforests attract nature lovers by the hordes. For the enthusiast, there is the huge and the densely forested Darien National Park, near the Columbian border. Be sure that the forests of Panama don’t get the miss in your “things you can do and see in Panama” list. What is more, these locations are not far-off and you would not have much of a hassle accessing them.

What can you do in Panama?

You can never run out of options if you take the choices of the things you can do and see in Panama. There is a whole range of sports and leisure options here, particularly the water sports options like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and surfing, courtesy the miles of sandy coastline that Panama boasts of.

Shopping goes great guns in Panama City. Panama’s nightlife/entertainment panorama is heady to say the least, and can rival that of any other bustling metropolis anywhere else in the world. The list of the things you can do and see in Panama doesn’t end here. Fine dining options, bars and casinos, theaters and nightclubs and art galleries are some more to it. Panama will amaze you with its diversity, tradition and natural resources.

Is there possibly anything that you can miss out while in Panama? No way, it’s full of life on all fronts and with so many things to do and see you will surely feel on top of the world.

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