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The Isthmus of Panama and The Panama Canal

Panama, as well as the rest of the isthmus of Central America, is a unique and bountiful geographic region. Many tourists and investors are drawn annually to see the various sights and enjoy the fantastic climate of this Central American getaway. The benefits of geographical composition and location aid Central America and Panama in being able to offer its visitors a multitude of options and activities to do.

One of the greatest attractor of annual visitors in Central America is the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal gives service to approximately 14,000 ocean-going vessels each year, and attracts many more tourists than even that. The Panama Canal, topic of many U.S. political discussions and debates, is the gateway from the Caribbean to the Pacific. Countless hours are saved each year on voyages that would have to route around the tip of South America (an added distance of several thousand miles).

Real estate in the area has also been quite productive in recent years. Panama and Costa Rica are two countries in specific that have increased their economic accumulations from tourism and outside investment in recent years. The isthmus of Central America allows easy access, in most cases, to either the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean.

Panama and Costa Rica share qualities in common that have many positive effects on their respective economies. In terms of governments, peace, education, and healthcare, each country does quite well. Neither country has an army to speak of. With this being said, the neutrality of these countries within the isthmus makes not only Panamanians and Costa Ricans feel safe. Potential investors of real estate in Central America see this as a sign that the countries will maintain their relative stability into the future.

The tourism in each country seems to maintain and feed the real estate sectors. Panama tourism, for example, offers visitors the opportunity to participate in world-class surfing, fishing, hiking, diving, as well as a number of other outdoor activities that satisfy even the most specific of tastes. The great attraction lies in the fact that the geographic composition of the isthmus of Panama allows the most ambitious of outdoorsmen to surf both the Caribbean and Pacific in the same day. If tourism isn’t your bag, real estate, at least, should be investigated. Real estate in Panama, fueled by the opportunities the Panama Canal presents, booms each year. Affordable real estate can be purchased throughout Panama. Areas near the Panama Canal, or a bit closer to Panama City are readily available for investment.

The isthmus of Panama is a unique geographic locale that allows tourists, investors, and those who pass through the Panama Canal to enjoy the sites, and save some time from a potential long trip. Whether it is the history of Panama and the Panama Canal you take interest in, or the culture and opportunities for making money, Panama is a great place to be.

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