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Buying Real Estate in Panama

A real estate property is one of the best things that you can invest your money in. In considering which property to buy, it is good to settle for a real estate property on a country or city where you plan to spend most of your time in.

Panama, a Central American country is once of the most popular destinations for those who want to live or retire in Panama. Being located right in the heart of the Caribbean, buying real estate in Panama would give you a prime piece of property, without putting too much of a dent on your budget.

Travel to Panama to experience how it is to have a low cost of living, a peaceful environment and be surrounded with pristine beaches and a lush environment. Learn everything that you can about Panama during your stay, if you are considering staying here for a short or long term basis.

Buying a real estate property in Panama is like going to an open house in Miami, Florida with the same relaxed atmosphere – as well as luxurious houses, condominium units and prime parcels of land for those who want to build their homes from scratch.

When buying a real estate property in Panama, make sure that you will request information from a local broker. We offer full real estate selling services for buyers of Panama real estate. Unlike many local realtors, the price will not suddenly increase when they spot a "Gringo".

Here are some additional tips when buying real estate in Panama:

1. Check out the tax incentive programs for foreigners who plan on buying a real estate property in Panama. Building costs can be filed under the tax-free category once appropriate documents are submitted.

2. You can have your choice whether you would like a stately home fronting the ocean, or if you want to own a rustic house by the mountains, just request more information and we will find the home of your dreams.

3. Buying real estate property in Panama will provide you with a low cost of living while being close enough to the rest of the world in case you want to visit.

4. Non-residents and foreigners are allowed to buy real estate in Panama.

Buying real estate in Panama is certainly a good move for those who want to live, retire or stay for a long time in this haven located across the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans.

For more information please contact us about our Panama real estate services, or search our listings here.