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Panama Visas – visiting or retiring to Panama

Entry to Panama, is only possible with a valid passport and a valid Panama visa. A Panama visa can be broadly grouped under five heads:

•  Tourist Visas
•  Temporary Residence Visas
•  Retirement Visas (Pensionado)
•  Investors’ Visas
•  Immigrant Visas

Tourist or Traveler Visas

Every visitor entering the Panamanian territory is required, by rule, to carry a tourist visa or tourist card unless you are a citizen of any of these countries – Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Federal Republic of Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Honduras, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. Available at the Panamanian consuls abroad, a Panama Visa grant tourists the permission to live in Panama for 30 days. A Tourist Visa can be renewed for an additional two months.

Temporary Resident Visas

Visitors entering the national territory with the intention of fulfilling their following needs are issued Temporary Resident Visas:

For visiting relatives: If you are a foreign national visiting, rather residing in Panama for short periods because your spouse or blood relatives (in first degree or collateral blood related relatives in second degree) is/are Panama resident(s), you will need to hold a Temporary Resident Visa.

For medical treatment: A Temporary Resident Visa will be issued to you if you (as a foreign national) plan to be treated in a clinic or hospital in Panama. This visa is issued for an initial period of three months, which will further be extended as per your requirement. However, you will have to be accompanied by some family-member (who will also be issued a Panama Visa).

To Study: A temporary resident visa permits you to visit Panama with the intention of studying in Panama. The permit is issued for one year, but is essentially extendible.

Special temporary resident visas are issued to foreign technicians and executives working with International firms operating in Panama. This type of a Panama Visa usually gives a foreign national the right of temporary residence for one year. Panama Visa issued to the technician can be renewed for successive periods of one year each time to a maximum of 5 years. Panama Visa issued to Executives can also be renewed, however, the Law does not limit visa extensions.

Special Temporary Resident Visas are also granted to farmers (foreigners) for farming within Panama’s borders, but then prior approval from the Ministry of Agricultural Development is a pre-condition for the issuance of this visa. The visa is issued for one year; the validity, however, is extendible for periods of two years, up to a maximum of five years.

Retirement Visas

Panama has announced some beneficial Retirement Visas for retired foreign nationals. These include the Pensioners’ Visa and the Private Income Retiree Visa. The former is a Panama Visa for retired people who receive a pension from a Government entity or private corporation. The latter, on the other hand, is issued to retired people who do not receive any fixed pension, instead live on private savings.

Investors’ Visa (or Business Visas)

Then there are Panama Visas for outsiders interested in investing in Panama. Forestry Investor Visa (a long-term investment on reforestation) and the Small Business Investor Visa are two important Investors’ Visas. Adherence to essential Panama Laws is basic to qualifying for these Panama Visas.

Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visas grant Panamanian nationality to foreigners in two specific situations:

  • Provided you have a Panamanian as a spouse or you make a minimum capital investment of US$ 40000 in Panama

  • A Panama Visa for foreigners (especially some Temporary Resident Visas, Investors’ Visas, Retirement Visas as well as Immigrant Visas) is essentially beneficial because they make you eligible for tax and duty exemptions.

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