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Thousands of foreigners vacation in Panama yearly. Panama travel has been strong for quite a few years, but the real estate industry has just begun to climb in recent years. Panama is typically considered a bit off of the beaten path in comparison to more populated “touristy” areas. more ...

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If you are spending a well-earned vacation away from work, or if you are going on a honeymoon or just a seasonal leisurely trip – travel to Panama to get the break that you deserve.

A Panama vacation will make for a memorable, relaxing, exotic and exciting outdoor and beach adventure. Most tourists go to this wonderful country for business purposes, for a well-earned trip or to retire in Panama. Whether you want to explore the city or the Panama real estate, have a taste of the pristine beaches, or go on an outdoor adventure, Panama is where you should be.

'Panama Vacation: A Thousand and One Sights to See'

Your Panama vacation will never be complete without lounging on the beach under the intense Caribbean sun. You can also visit the city, go through the islands, the tropical rainforest or take a trip back to time through its World Heritage sites.

Here is a glimpse of all the must-see places when you are on your Panama vacation-adventure:

1. Water Adventures in Panama Beaches

Panama offers a host of water-related activities to enjoy on your ultimate Panama vacation. This Central American country serves as the border for the famous Caribbean Sea as well as the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Your Panama vacation will never be complete without taking a dip in its marvelous island beaches. Whether you want a taste of the Caribbean ocean or the beaches north of the Pacific, Panama is the spot to beat.

From discovering the underwater world with its premier scuba diving sites, to snorkeling and a host of other water activities, your Panama vacation will not be lacking of things to enjoy in the water. Some famous Panama vacation spots are the San Blas islands, Portobelo, Punta Chame, Playa Blanca, Rio Mar, Coronado and Gorgona.

Go ahead and hit the beach and lounge under the heat of the sun during your Panama vacation.

2. Be One with Nature with Panama's Tropical Rainforests

Panama is not just famous for its gorgeous beaches. It is also an ideal spot for nature lovers, with a host of national parks to choose from.

Your Panama vacation will not just be memorable but also worthwhile when you visit the World Heritage rainforests where you can see some birds and animal species, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Know more about Panama by visiting the Soberania National Park, the Summit Biological Garden and the Metropolitan National Park which are just some of the rainforests worth visiting.

3. A Visit to the Panama Canal

Your Panama vacation should not just be made of frolicking in the water. Another must-see is the Panama Canal, one of the most famous ship canals which connects the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Add a mini-tour of the Panama canal in your list of to-do's on your Panama vacation.

4. Have a Feel of Panama City

If you miss the buzz of the city, finish off your Panama vacation with a tour of the modern city. Visit the National Theater, the Panama Canals Museum, the Bolivar Plaza and the Mi Pueblito to have a feel of the old and the new Panama.

These are just some of the must-see's and the great places to visit while enjoying your ultimate Panama vacation.

We have tours and trips available to all these Panama locations, and more. Please contact us for your travel and tour needs.