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Panama Is The New Mecca Of Health Tourism

The concept of health tourism is rapidly engulfing the medical globe. Health tourism combines entertainment of exotic tours along with important medical pursuits like surgeries and operations. Panama is fast becoming the hottest destination for health tourism. This beautiful Central American cosmopolitan country is blessed with stunning scenic beauty, diversely rich culture along with the technical advancement and superiority.

Why Panama is considered the paramount destination for health tourism?

Panama has always been the favorite tourist country with its pretty scenic outfits and cultural opulence.

It is the hub of international travel for the US people

Panama also offers convenience of air travel and affordable airfares with daily direct flights connecting New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and other places

Dollar is the official currency of Panama

Panama is one of the chief offshore trading centers of the world

The most crucial factor is the advancement of Panama in medical field ensuring flawless procedure, even in a critical operation like eye surgery.

The doctors of Panama are equipped with the latest training and are geared to serve quality service in any endeavor. Most of the doctors are America trained and are quite fluent in English.

The latest medical technologies and medications are the added benefits you will get. Panama offers an extensive range of medical services like dental implants, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic dentistry and the list goes on ensuring superb health tourism.

And lastly, Panama boasts of doctors and professionals who treat the patients not only with care but also with respect.

Panama - The truth of pre-eminence in Health Tourism

Panama is not only the favorite health tourism destination, it is a convenient place packed with hotels that can keep any pocket happy. The visitors in this exotic country can stay in five star resorts for healing because the cost for treatments are quite low compared to US or any European countries. For surgeries like hip replacement, cosmetic surgery and vitro fertilization your cost will be almost 50% less compared to US and Europe.

A dental transplant in US or Canada costs near about US$2500. In Panama, for this transplant along with lodging, touring, car rental services and other things will cost you much less.

Why People From Europe And America Are Flocking To Panama

The world of Internet has opened the window on the superb health care facilities of Panama to the European and American folks. Quite naturally, with brilliant infrastructure and medical facilities Panama has become the popular trailblazer in the globe of health tourism proffering excellent cost and quality benefits in operations like hip transplant, cardio surgery or cosmetic surgery.

The emerging trends on beauty, fitness and the lure to experience new health treatments or spa treatments in some advanced destination are another drive for increase in heath tourism. Panama fits this bill quite effectively.

The treatment in US or Europe is very expensive and a number of people are without health insurance.

In Panama you can afford galore of excellent restaurants along with lavish stay, touring and personal guide expenses.

If you do your surgeries and treatments in Panama, you can avail tax deduction benefits including travel expenses under US Law.

Panama redefines health tourism by enhancing your health and mind both through first-rate medical amenities and outstanding tours of the country.

For more information about traveling to Panama for health related procedures or surgery please contact us.