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  Panama is a much sought after destination because of it natural identity. This country with ample islands, rainforest, mesmerizing hill tops, seducing mountain views, historical locations and with various tourism options for any kind of travelers. more ...

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Travel to Panama – the new Central American tourist destination

Panama is fast growing into a tourist hotspot. The reason for this is that Panama as a tourist destination offers a wide variety of experiences. Panama is strategically located as a land link between the continents of North America and South America. Panama is flanked by two great water bodies namely, the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Sea.

Many tourists visit Panama – some looking for adventure, others to simply enjoy and relax. Where else can a person sun bathe in the beaches of two oceans, climb mountains, and take home memories of exotic wild life or witness the grandeur of man’s creative abilities in the Panama Canal.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Panama is of course the Panama Canal. Completed in1914, the Canal is regarded as a modern engineering marvel. Mira Flores and Gatun Lake are places not to be missed .The latter offers opportunity for the tourist to unwind by boating and fishing
Panama City, the capital of Panama is another attraction that tourist would not want to miss. Amador Causeway with Palm trees lining it has many restaurants where tourists can sit back enjoy a meal and watch the sunset.

The beaches of Panama will always be a favorite haunt of the tourists and locals alike. The beaches of the two oceans are ideal for sun bathers and surfers. You can even sail in the calm waters to the islands of Taboga and Pearl archipelago. For scuba divers too, Panama as tourist destination is no let down .The beaches and the tiny islands have many coral reefs making it very ideal for diving. Snorkeling can be great fun too.

For Nature enthusiasts Panama offers great variety of wild life. Panama is in a tropical country and its rain forests are very accessible. In fact even at a distance of ten minutes from the capital city there are many national parks .The rain forests are home to nearly 1000 species of birds and many wild animals not found any where else in the world .The Darien National Park, Baru`Volcano National Park, and International Park La Amistad in Chirqui Province Highlands are few of the wild reserves
Ethno tourism is fast coming of age. Panama as tourist destination for ethno tourism has also picked up. The archeological sites in Chiriqui and Cocle provinces are testimony to the fact that humans lived in Panama even in 2000 B.C. Many indigenous groups still continue to inhabit the various regions of Panama. The Darien National Park is inhabited by Chocoes ethnic group while Ngobe-Bugle are groups found in the provinces of Chiriqui, and Veraguas .Bokotas, another tribe native to Panama are found scattered in the country. But the most important is the Kunas. Kunas inhabit the San Bias archipelago on the Atlantic side of Republic of Panama.This Indian tribe is associated with the Mola which is a textile art and with the Tagua which are miniature sculptures

All these are backed by good accessibility by land, water and air. The tourists can find accommodations and travel conveniently in taxis. In Colon Free Zone they can shop duty free. The best time to travel to Panama would be in summer between January and April. Panama as tourist destination is amazing to say the least. It is not the usual run in the mill kind of place. The next time you are thinking of vacationing, make it to Panama.

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