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 Panama's Boquete, Chiriqui

 The district of Boquete with a population of around 15,000 lies is the verdant cloud-forested highlands of the western most province of Panama; Chiriqui. more ...

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Chiriqui Panama and Panama Pacific

Real estate in Panama is one area of its economy that has been consistently growing the past several years. This is relevant all around Panama. Both coasts, the north and south, mountainous areas, and Panama City itself. With the available property and the reasonable costs, paired with the tropical climate and its tranquil status throughout the world, Panama real estate will most definitely continue to grow into the future. The Carribbean areas such as Bocas del Toro, as well as the Panama Pacific as in Chiriqui both continue to draw foreign investors, retirees, and travelers to this beautiful country.

Chiriqui is located on the Panama Pacific side, in the extreme southwestern point of the country. It borders Bocas in the north, Veraguas in the east, Costa Rica in the west, and, of course, the majestic Pacific Ocean to its south. It is a very geographically diverse area that includes volcanic areas, mountainous regions, and the coast. With the presence of the native Indians in this area, Chiriqui Panama has a unique cultural flair. Its convenient location on the Panama Pacific makes potential investors and buyers smile. There is a multitude of nearby areas making travel and exploration convenient and easy. Just a few of these easily visited areas include Boquete, Caldera, Cerro Punta, among others. Potential buyers and investors also are discovering these areas. Boquete real estate is one of the many reasons Panama real estate is flourishing today.

Real estate in Chiriqui, Panama has certain qualities hard to find elsewhere. Given its unique geography, it is often easy to see a Caribbean sunrise, and a Panama Pacific sunset in the same day. Affordable public transportation, and the size of the country make traveling around the country very doable.

Some of the real estate companies that can be utilized to find property in the Panama Pacific are Chiriqui Real Estate – where you can find lots, small and large homes, farms, and the only pacific coastal housing development. Another option would be Panama Realtors where you could find anything from oceanfront properties, homes for rent, apartments, to resort properties. Some of the areas developed in Chiriqui are Casco Viejo located quite near the Panama Pacific. Other areas one can find beach properties are the towns of El Valle or San Carlos. Lots can start around $50,000 USD, whereas prices for fully constructed homes can climb all the way into the millions. For example a lot with an ocean and mountain view in an underdeveloped area may cost $55,000 USD; a price considered reasonable by United States’ or European standards. But a fully developed luxury home with a similar view may cost $1.5 million. The price difference from one area to another makes investors jump on Panamanian real estate opportunities, due to the probable massive jump in the value of these lands in the future.

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