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Discover The Excitement Of Panama Travel

Panama is a country where natural wonders perfectly compliment man-made wonders. The natural beauty and biodiversity combined with its rich culture, modern amenities, abundant recreational facilities and well-organized infrastructure make traveling in Panama a complete luxury experience.

Enjoying yourself in Panama

Panama tourism is always ready with its friendly facilities. The beautiful beaches of the Pacific coasts and the whale watching experience accompanied by the sunset scenes are truly magical.

A visit to the colonial ruins of Casco Antiguo and Panamá Viejo should be in your cards too and if you happened to be in the festive season, then the islands of Isla Grande is where you should be. You should also visit the Miraflores Locks to get the best view of the locks at work. Do not forget the museum. Roam about the coffee and flower plantations and drop in to the dairy farms in the bread-basket province of Chiriqui.

Panama tourism promises loads of activities like diving, climbing, fishing, rafting, hiking and snorkeling. You can hike to the interiors for the mountains of El Valle or Chiriqui and climb the extinct volcano of Volcan Baru - Panama’s highest point. There is plenty of deep-sea fishing to do. The reefs at both the coasts add to the excitement factor.

Major Attractions in Panama

Panama is truly a paradise with its tropical forests and pristine beaches. Nature lovers retire in the tropical land of Panama for its wide range of exotic plants and animals. More than 7000 vascular plants, 1500 species of trees and nearly 940 species of birds and some exotic butterflies inhabit Panama. Panama’s topography is dotted with craggy mountains, highlands, meandering rivers and quiet valleys to provide unforgettable views.

The Panama Canal is undoubtedly Panama’s most talked about destination. It stretches 80 kilometers from Colón on the Atlantic side to Panama City on the Pacific coast. It provides passage for nearly 14,000 ships and ocean liners every year and is certainly Panama’s pride. The remains of Panama’s cultured colonial past and its natural world should also be a part of your Panama travel plan.

How To Reach Panama

Reaching Panama is easy once you obtain a Panama visa. COPA is the national Airline with connecting flights to all Central American countries and to both North and South America. Other International Airlines serving Panama include Airlines from Spain, Russia, Taiwan and Israel.

Panama is reachable by crossing any one of the three land borders between Panama and Costa Rica, namely, Guabito-Sixaola (near the Caribbean coast), Paso Canoas (on the Interamerican Hwy) and the Río Sereno. People usually cross the Paso Canoas to reach Panama.

Traveling In Panama

Panama has a good domestic flight network. The two chief domestic Airlines matching international aviation standards are Aeroperlas are Mapiex and they are operated from the domestic terminal, Aero Puerto Marcos A. Gelabert (commonly known as Albrook Airport).

You will also have access to car rental services for traveling in Panama. Major agencies like Avis, Budget, Hertz and Thrifty; operate from their offices located at most airports and main cities helping the tourist rush in Panama. You will need to carry a valid driver’s license and be above 25 years of age (23 if you pay by American Express card) for renting a car.

Though buses are the cheapest option as far as Panama tourism is concerned but taxis and buses too are available for in-land trips.

Let your destination be Panama, when you pack your bags for a pleasure trip next time. Travel in the cooler mountainous regions; retire in Panama for a tropical vacation or go bird and whale watching – Panama tourism will fascinate you, revitalizing your heart and mind for a fresh start. Remember, the best time for traveling in Panama is the drier summer months between December and April.

Panama tourism offers all the charms for the fun loving tourists. Moreover, the affordable cost of living and the warm, welcoming nature of the residents makes the Panama retirement plan an attractive proposal.

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